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FIN 600, Spring 2011 Fin 600 – Corporate Finance I Instructor: Zhipeng (Alan) Yan, Ph.D., CFA., FRM. Office: Central Avenue Building 4012 E-Mail: [email protected] Telephone : 973-596-3260 (office) Class Timings: Thursday, 6-9:05 PM Office Hours: Mondays, 3:30 – 5:30PM and by appointment Location: CKB 217 Prerequisites: You should have a working knowledge of basic algebra and statistics and feel comfortable doing quantitative exercises. Because this course involves number crunching, you should be familiar with some sort of spreadsheet software, e.g. Microsoft Excel. Some knowledge of accounting, micro and macroeconomics would be helpful. Course Materials: Required: Stephen Ross, Randolph Westerfield, and Jeffrey Jaffe, Corporate Finance ( 9 th edition), McGraw-Hill. (8 th Edition is also acceptable. But you need to match chapters in two editions). Subscription to one of: Financial Times, Wall Street Journal. Additional materials will be handed out or posted on Moodle during the semester. Course Website: Please go to The Moodle site is where course materials are posted and where you discuss cases and investment ideas with your group members. Make sure you have an NJIT UCID and password so that you are able to access Moodle. I will use Moodle to post all assignments, announcements, and supplemental materials throughout the semester. So, please be sure to check the site ( frequently. Please contact helpdesk (973-596-2900) for problems associated with Moodle. Financial Calculator: You will need a calculator in the exams, and you will sometimes find it useful in class. A basic scientific calculator that does powers is fine. However, I strongly recommend that you get a financial calculator such as Texas Instruments: TI - BA II Plus or Hewlett Page 1 of 6
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