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BE IT EVER SO HUMBLE THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME Introduction Dr. Mark Keen woke up in a hospital bed in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on June 10 th , 2009. It would be the last time he would sleep in the straight-backed frame with its industrial-strength, one-size- fits-all mattress that he had come to call his own for over five months. For on this day, Dr. Keen was going to be released. Across the state in Indianapolis, Jeff Fanter awoke in his own bed, having slept no better than Dr. Keen might have that night, and for the same reason. Dr. Keen’s release was not from the hospital, but from the secret location where he had been living at the unlawful expense of his employer, Ivy Tech Community College, where Dr. Keen had been the Chancellor, until his peculiar living arrangements—having been discovered by the college’s central administrators—caused him to end his 25-year relationship with the college later that day. Mr. Fanter’s release was in the form of a publicity statement, the kind of announcement made by people like Mr. Fanter, Ivy Tech Community College’s Vice President of Communications and Marketing, who announce the resignations of people like Dr. Keen. Unfortunately for Mr. Fanter, Dr. Keen, and Ivy Tech, Mr. Fanter’s statement rang with such grand praise, that by the time the real facts came to light, everyone involved in the fraud would need a fainting couch, if not another hospital bed – in a real hospital. So, why was he secretly living rent-free in a vacant building at Ivy Tech’s campus? Dr. Keen’s Tenure Dr. Keen’s employment history at Ivy Tech Community College—Fort Wayne could have been plotted with one line: a straight one. The 46-year-old former Chancellor began his career as an adjunct instructor at the Fort Wayne region of the statewide two-year college that would become Indiana’s only community college, with a 2007-08 statewide enrollment of over 120,000 students. He then became a full-time Electronics Program faculty member, and then the Manufacturing Program Chair. In 1994, he assumed the position of Academic Dean, and in 2006 ascended to the chancellorship of the Fort Wayne Ivy Tech, the second-largest in the state. Ivy Tech’s students are often displaced employees or otherwise unemployed, its cost per credit is cheap, and its professors are paid less than at comparative colleges, yet Dr. Keen’s salary was $128,800. The Unraveling Resignation Dr. Keen’s resignation came after a hastily called board meeting on June 10 th , and in the press release, he stated, “At this time I need to step away from my role at Ivy Tech Community College to spend time with my family. I recently lost my mother and my father is battling health issues and I need to be there for him and others in my family. This decision was not an easy one to make but I do know it is the right one. I want to thank Ivy Tech for the support it has provided to me and I look forward to spending time with my family and friends.” (June 11, 2009
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Keen_Student_Version - KEEN-1 BE IT EVER SO HUMBLE THERES...

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