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Case Study 3 Marketing by the Numbers Answer both questions 1 and 2. You should spend about half a page on question 1 and about two pages for question 2. 1. This question asks for a specific strategy. Choose among the strategies in the chapter and explain your choice. Your explanation should show that you know what the various strategies are and that you understand how they differ from each other. 2. The second question asks you to perform financial analysis. The numbers you need are in the paragraph preceding the questions, beginning: “Mars, maker of the famous M&M’s candy brand,…”., as well as in the question itself. I find it helpful to make a list of the facts. For example: M&M Premiums sell for Go to the appendix. Appendix 2 is a treasure trove of marketing financial analysis processes. The concepts you are interested in are fixed costs , variable costs , break-even volume
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