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Case Study 2 Bose: Competing by Being Truly Different See Company Case Bose: Competing by Being Truly Different , pages 549 through 551 in your text. Answer all six of the questions on page 551. You should spend about half a page on each answer. This exercise requires careful reading of the chapter and the questions. It assesses your critical thinking skills and your communication skills. You will need to understand some basic principles of competition and reflect on the information provided about Bose based on: 1) the principles in the text and 2) your own analytical reasoning. 1. You will want to discuss the strategies for identifying competitors from the textbook. Then, you will want to discuss how Amar Bose does this, based on the case study information. You might compare and contrast. Be sure to cite specific material from the text to support your conclusions. In other words, why do you think what you think and how do you support it? 2.
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