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Case Study 1 - with seed from These are the...

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Case Study #1 – Focus on Technology By exploring several different websites including, I have learned that these companies highly value customer feedback. One of the site I went to had me to fill out a contact form afterwards I was bombarded with several emails.emails offering samples and asking me to complete surveys. This is defiantly a great marketing tool due to the fact that everyone loves free stuff. By going to site I not only found out about the mother company but also its subsidiaries. Many Products I didn’t know about was defiantly interested in. So as a consumer I ended up giving feedback on numerous other products. This gives companies the chance to see want the market place want and demands are. Also supply consumers with coupons to go out and buy more products that they normally wouldn’t purchase. I visited the Enfamil site and I have already received a full package of milk with coupons and a card to fill out for a free bag. I have also gotten a basil pot
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Unformatted text preview: with seed from These are the types of things that build customer value. It makes me feel valued and appreciated when I’ve yet to buy anything. Companies can use the internet to create customer value just allowing the customer to know they have a voice and will be heard. By letting a customer know they are valued by the company can create a value for the company _________________________________ Thank you for contacting CoverGirl. [ ref:00D7JViV.5007G0P6e:ref ] Fro m: ""P&G North America" <[email protected]> " <pg_naconsumerrelati [email protected]> Add to Contacts To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]> Thanks for contacting CoverGirl, Shaun. I'm glad you took the time to give us your feedback about our website. I'm sharing your comments with the webmaster for this site. Thanks again for getting in touch. Tiffany CoverGirl Team...
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Case Study 1 - with seed from These are the...

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