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A424: Final Exam Review Session The Big Picture Big picture questions: 1. Can you number the boxes in the approximate order that they would be addressed? 2. If any one box were blank could you fill in the missing information? 3. Look at the details within each box. Can you relate it to the SCAD project and the sales and collection cycle? What needs to be done or decided? What factors affect the decisions? 4. Which boxes are optional and under what circumstances? 5. Does the above represent one cycle or the entire audit? 6. Once you complete all the actions (boxes) above what comes next? 7. Which decision regards the auditor’s concerns about his/her own personal risk in conducting the audit? 8. Which boxes relate to information/evidence about the client? 9. Which boxes require the use of auditor’s judgment? 10.Audit procedures are based on what types of evidence?
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Project Decision Points: Phase 1: Key Factors Impact/Purpose Assess Inherent risk AAR, PDR, ADR Assess Business risk AAR, PDR, ADR
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A424_Final_Exam_Review_Session - A424: Final Exam Review...

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