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I think that in order for me to become more humble in my life and achieve the things I wish to achieve I can admit bias, Seek accurate feedback, learn to laugh at myself, learn from other cultures, cultivate the other strengths, assume a cosmic perspective, experience awe, focus beyond self, promote secure attachment, practice authoritative parenting, model humility, and demonstrate balance. Therefore, I will learn constantly try to receive proper feedback from people I trust. I think that my close family and friends are great sources to provide me with the feedback I will need and they know me well which helps play a huge part in giving me feedback that works for me. I will also be able to learn my strengths and
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Unformatted text preview: weaknesses this way. I will learn to laugh at myself and try not to be so serious all the time. I will also be sure to laugh often and have fun; this will assist in minimizing arrogance. I will also learn from other cultures. I will view my identity as a segment of an entire culture rather than a completely separate culture. This will ensure that I stay level headed and learn the most from other people. By cultivating these among others I will gain strengths, empathy, and show compassion to others along with myself. I will also realize that the world does not revolve around me and that we are individuals that make up a whole....
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