The Major theories of biology are Evolution

The Major theories of biology are Evolution - biological...

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The Major theories of biology are Evolution, Inheritance, Cells, Biological Classification, Bioenergetics, Homeostasis, Ecosystems. Evolution is species change or evolve over the generations and the mechanism for this species is changed. Inheritance is certain genes passed down through the generations giving similarity from one to the other. Cells or what make up all organisms. Cells are the smallest unit capable of exhibiting all of the characteristics of life. bioenergetics is the energy that powers life operates according to the same rules that govern energy in the inanimate universe. Homeostasis function best when their internal conditions are maintained within rather narrow limits. Ecosystems is when organisms interact with each other and with their environments. Changes in any part of the
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Unformatted text preview: biological the biological community or the physical environment invariably cause changes in them. In the news Stem cell research announces that they hold enormous promise in regenerative medicine. They are able to regenerat diseased or damaged tissues and have made it possible to improve the effectiveness of several medical treatments. "In this regard, the recent discovery of the "reprogramming" phenomenon, by which somatic cells can be induced to convert to a pluripotent state simply by forcing the expression of a few genes, opens a phenomenal number of possibilities in regenerative medicine," says Didier Trono, Dean of the EPFL School of Life Sciences (Reprogrammed stem cells hit a roadblock, para. )...
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