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Lecture 20 - 031011

Lecture 20 - 031011 - 4 DNA duplication& cell division...

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1 Continued and Research Prof. Julian Schroeder I. Fertilization II. Early Development III. Determination & Differentiation I. FERTILIZATION Figure 47.3
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2 I. FERTILIZATION A. Acrosomal Reaction 1) Sperm reaches jelly coat release of hydrolytic enzymes degrade jelly coat 2) Acrosomal process binds to protein (bindin) receptors on vitelline membrane 3) Fusion Na + channels open in egg membrane depolarization polyspermy is blocked rapidly (1 sec to 1min) I. FERTILIZATION B. Cortical Reaction 1) Gamete fusion causes Ca 2+ release from endoplasmic reticulum 2) Cytoplasmic Ca 2+ increase cortical granules exocytose enzymes/solutes 3) Vitelline membrane lifts off slow block to polyspermy 4) Vitelline layer forms hardened fertilization membrane, 1 min. after I. FERTILIZATION C. Activation of Egg 1) Ca 2+ increases, metabolic rate increases 2) Protein synthesis from RNA 3) Fusion of egg and sperm nuclei after 20 min. 4)
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Unformatted text preview: 4) DNA duplication & cell division after 90 min. in sea urchin (36 hours in humans) 3 Course Announcements: • The Final Exam:-The Final will cover the lectures including Kidney Function, Nervous System I and II and all subsequent lectures to the end of class (lectures 8 to 20 on syllabus). From lecture 8 Kidney function and all the way to lecture 20.-Final review session by TAs Saturday March 12 th 12:000 to 2:50 PM in Solis 107.-See WebCT course announcements folder for Extra Office hours offered by TAs. • Final exam time and place: Tuesday March 15th 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Mandeville Auditorium 8:00 am Tuesday Finals week. Bring your student ID Final Exam Exam Question types: a)Short questions (“list”) b)Answers of a paragraph or two, labeled drawings c)Comprehensive questions d)Maybe Some multiple choice e) All problems: lecture materials...
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