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Lecture 18 - 030311

Lecture 18 - 030311 - Course Announcements The Final Exam...

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1 Course Announcements: The Final Exam: - The Final will cover the lectures including Kidney Function, Nervous System I and II and all subsequent lectures to the end of class (lectures 8 to 20 on syllabus). From lecture 8 Kidney function and all the way to lecture 20. - What type of questions will be in the Final exam? - Final review session by TAs Saturday March 12 th 12:000 to 2:50 PM in Solis 107. Final exam time and place: Tuesday March 15th 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Mandeville Auditorium 8:00 am Tuesday finals week Bring your student ID Lecture Professor Julian Schroeder I. Male System II. Female System III. Hormonal Control
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2 I. MALE SYSTEM A. Male Gonad: Testes (gamete production) Cell Types: 1) Seminiferous Tubules: sperm formation 2) Interstitial Cells: testosterone production B. Control by Hormones Embryonic: Testes Testosterone Induces primary male reproductive organs Primary characteristics: development, sperm production Figure 46.14 testosterone II. FEMALE SYSTEM A. Female Gonad: Ovaries (gamete production)
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