Lecture 13 - 021511

Lecture 13 - 021511 - Regrades -Exams were handed out at...

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1 Regrades • -Exams were handed out at the end of lecture last week Tuesday. • -Exam Key is posted in North Lobby of Muir Biology building (North Entrance) on the glass windows. - Regrade Policy: All regrade requests will need to be handed in directly at the end of the lecture today Tuesday Feb 15 th . Late hand-ins will not be accepted. Staple a detailed explanation why which question should be regraded to your exam and sign it. TA will collect regrades at end of lecture next week Tuesday Feb 15 th (only possible time to hand in regrades). - Will be compared to exam copies. Lecture Professor Julian Schroeder Coupling I. Muscle Structure II. Muscle Contraction III. Excitation-Contraction
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2 Muscle Types 1) Smooth muscle (visceral muscle) 2) Cardiac muscle 3) Skeletal muscle (striated muscle) MUSCLE STRUCTURE Muscle Structure & Muscle Tissue 10-20 per cel Figure 49.28 About 10-20 myofibrils in cytoplasm of one muscle fiber cell with many nuclei: 10-100 mm many parallel Myofibril: (~1 μ m diameter)
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Lecture 13 - 021511 - Regrades -Exams were handed out at...

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