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Revised Essay #1 - Le 1 Danny Le M rs. Bray English 1020-08...

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Le 1 Danny Le Mrs. Bray English 1020-08 16 Feb 2010 Analysis of Mother-Daughter Relationships in “Girl” A mother is the best person to teach a daughter about life and growing up. In “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid, the narrator gives a girl instructions on what she needs to know and how she should act now because she is becoming a woman. The speaker shows her care and love to the girl while advising the girl to develop into a respectable woman (Kincaid 53). The girl’s mother is very straightforward to her daughter, telling her the things she must do to not appear as a “slut.” She feels that she must display authority in order to get the girl to listen. The girl doesn’t understand the meaning behind her speaker’s words and hears the lecture literally. With the use of repeated commands, the mother makes it clear that she feels that she needs to be harsh and straightforward with the girl so that she will be taken seriously. The mother wants the girl to know how to act, and the only way to do so is by commanding the girl to do specific tasks (Kincaid 53). The mother makes
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Le 2 it seem as there was no other way to carry out the task. She repeatedly tells the girl
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Revised Essay #1 - Le 1 Danny Le M rs. Bray English 1020-08...

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