Fall 1999 KEY - -l Chemistry 2 L5 Dr. S . N . E ge (2tu.240...

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-l Chemistry 2L5 Final Examination Dr. S. N. Ege (2tu.240 points) December 16. L999 Advice for taking the final exam: Please read the entire exam before starting and choose the questions you are going to answer first. It is OK to leave a question unanswered if this allows you to do a bener job on the rest of the exam. Different parts of the exam support each other. Take fuIl advantage of all of the information there. Please read each question carefully and answer it completely and clearly. Complete Lewis structures are acceptable for answers unless you are given other specific instructions. Precision in drawing is an important skill in the communication of organic chemistry concepts. Double check any three-dimensional representations to ensure you iue implying an unequivocal direction of bonding. Do not forget to include important features such as nonbonding lone electron pairs and formal charges when appropriate. leave a large self-addressed manila envelope with 3 stamps on it in the box outside Professor Ege's office if you want your exam and course grade mailed ro you. Grades will NOT be posted or given out individually by phone or email. They will be available on Wolverine Access. Exams will NOT be returned in person in January. The exam has 13 pages in addition to this cover page. The last three pages include tables of spectral values and a pK. table. Individual point values are given in the corner of each answer space. Name Signature Student ID # Please Print GSI Initial I pgl 30 \pe 2 24 Ipg3 28 2E tlr 5+ LV '2',2 v 26 VI VII zo TOTAL 240 2t5 Course Grade H 1,007c PERIODIC CHART OF THE ELEMENTS He ti 6.941 Be 9.Ot21l B t0-81 c 12.O11 N 4.O06: o F l( Ne 20-175 Na Mg 24,305 AI si P S 32.06 ct 35.€3 Ar 3e.e48 K Ca 40.08 Sc 4,4.9550 47.44 t'i Cr 51.996 Mn Fe 55.447 Co Ni 58.49 Cu 43.96 Zn 45.38 Ga 69.72 Ge 72.55 As Se 78.96 Br 79.SO4 Kr 83.80 Rb a7,62 Sr 88.0059 Zr s1.22 Nb Mo 95.94 Tc ,ant Ru 101.O7 Rh Pd 106.42 Ag cd t12-41 ln 114.82 Sn rE.69 sb 121.75 Te 127-fi Xe 191,29 Cs Ba t37.33 d' 6&71 .ANTH. Hf 17A.40 E w a3-a5 Re Os 190.2 '1s2.22 lr Pt r95.OA Au Hg TI Pb 207.2 Bi Po 4200t AT Rn Fr Q23\ Ra Ac F103 ACTIN. IDES RI (26r ) Db 1282') Sg ea3\ Bh Hs Mt LANTHNIDE SERIES Ce 140,12 Pr Nd 14_24 5 Pm (145) Sm 150.36 Eu 151.96 Gd Tb 58.9 Dy t 82-50 Ho Er 147.26 bl Tm Yb 173.04 Lu ACTANI OE SERIE9 Th Pa U Np Pu Am t2a\ Cm (247\ BK t247\ Es (252\ Fm (25 Md No Lr (260)
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The following reactions were used in various syntheses of natural products or to investigate fundamentals of organic reactions. .In each case supply the structure of the starting material, reagent, 6r product indicated by th" box. If more than one reagent is needed, be sure to number the steps to sho-w which is used first and which second. Abbreviations of the names of reagents are not acceptable. Stoichiometry does not need to be shown. When stereochemiltry
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Fall 1999 KEY - -l Chemistry 2 L5 Dr. S . N . E ge (2tu.240...

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