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Instructors : Dr. ˙ Ismail H. TUNCER Dr. Funda KURTULUS ¸ Dr. Sinan EY ˙ I Assistants : Kenan CENG ˙ IZ : ¨ Ozg¨ur HARPUTLU AE244 - FLUID MECHANICS HOMEWORK III March 17, Thursday, 2011 Due on: March 24, Thursday, 2011 1 5 The V-shaped container is hinged at A and held together by cable BC at the top. If cable spacing is 1 m into the paper, what is the cable tension? 2 5 The dam in the ±gure is a quarter circle 50 m wide into the paper. Determine the horizon-
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Unformatted text preview: tal and vertical components of the hydro-static force against the dam and the point CP where the resultant acts the dam. 3 5 A U-tube contains mercury and rotates about the o²-center axis a-a . At rest, the depth of mercury in each leg is 150 mm as illustrated. Determine the angular velocity for which the di²erence in heights between the two legs is 75 mm ....
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