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AE 462 DESIGN OF AIRCRAFT STRUCTURES COURSE OUTLINE INSTRUCTOR: Prof.Dr. Altan Kayran Room 203, Tel: 4274 COURSE ASSISTANT: No Assistant COURSE OBJECTIVE: The objective of the course is to equip the senior year aerospace enginering students with the relevant infrastructure to carry out the design of aircraft sub-structures like wings, fuselages, landing gears etc. The course aims at achieving its objective by introducing the following general concepts used in the design process. Introduction of design philosophies like damage tolerance, safe- life, fail-safe Establishment of relations between the design requirements and airworthiness regulations Introduction of the aircraft data requirements and description of the critical airloads used in the design and analysis of aircraft structures Introduction of the aeroelastic stability design constraint Overview of the role and lay-out of main structural members used in aircraft structures Initial sizing calculations based on design constraints such as deflection, local buckling General design considerations used in the structural joints and fittings Fatigue failure consideration and its relation with design philosophies, fatigue loads in aircraft operations and fatigue life analysis methods TEXTBOOK: No special textbook will be used in the course. However, first four reference books are the ones which are mainly followed in this course. 1- ‘Airframe Structural Design,’ 2nd edition, by M.Niu, 1999, Hong Kong Conmilit Press Ltd., ISBN: 9627128090. (ordered by the library) 2- ‘Aircraft Loading and Structural Layout,’ by Denis Howe, 2004, AIAA Education series.
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3- ‘Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicle Structures,’ by E.F. Bruhn, 1973, Tri-State Offset Company, Call number: TL 671.2 .B7 4- ‘Aircraft Structures,’ by D.J. Peery and J.J. Azar, 1982, Mc Graw Hill, ISBN: 0070491968, Call Number: TL671.6 P4 5- ‘Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students,’ by T.H.G. Megson, 1990, 2nd edition, John Wiley Sons, ISBN: 0470216530, Call Number: TL671.6 M36 6- Course notes on ‘Aircraft Design Loads’, AIAA Professional Development Short Course, April 2007, Hawaii. 7- Course notes on ‘Aircraft Structures Design and Analysis,’ University of Kansas, March 2003, Virginia. 8- ‘Airframe Stress Analysis and Sizing,’ by M.Niu, 1999, Hong Kong Conmilit Press Ltd.,ISBN: 9627128082. 9- ‘Analysis of Aircraft Structures,’ by B.K. Donaldson, 1993, McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 007017539X, Call Number: TL671.6.D56 10- ‘Theory and Analysis of Flight Structures,’ R.M. Rivello, 1969, McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 07052985X, Call Number: TL671.6 R53 11- ‘Structural Loads Analysis for Commercial Transport Aircraft: Theory and Practice,’ by Ted L. Lomax, 1995, AIAA Education Series, ISBN: 1563471140, Call Number: TL671.6.L597 8- ‘Understanding Aircraft Structures,’ by J. Cutler, 1999, Third Edition, Blackwell
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