expos paper 1 - Constantine Simantiras 101 LG R.D#1 Due...

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Constantine Simantiras 101: LG R . D . #1 Due Thursday, January 31 Truth or Dare Truth is a phenomenon that through nearly each person’s life can enhance or impair the way people live . The truth is said to come from the heart, but is the truth always something that will make others happy? In the story “How to Tell a True War Story” by Tim O’Brien, the authors idea of truth is not what many others feel it is . The definition of perjury has an interesting definition in the sense that not telling the truth and perjury all depend on an individual’s definition of truth . Telling the truth is when a person feels it is true they believe it is the truth . Perjury is not simply defined as not telling the truth . This is because the way a truthful statement can be based on something that is false, or an event that did not happen . Truth is the one key factor which creates the definition of perjury . Because of this and the many different possible meaning of truth, a misconception of this single word is formed . There are many people every day that are charged with the criminal offence of perjury . This crime is one that people are unrightfully sentenced because of what they believe is the truth . When a person has an experience that to them is what truly happened and this individual will not believe the story any other way this leads to in some aspects perjury . In O’Brien’s piece, he writes “Everything’s all sucked up inside the fog . Not a single sound, except they still hear it… .
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You can tell a true war story by the way it never seems to end . Not then, not every . Not when Mitchell Sanders stood up and moved off into the dark . It all happened” (391) . The truth runs along a very fine line that borders craziness and perfection . When a person is sworn in under oath, they are asked to tell “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” . This process speaks nothing about telling what you believe is the truth
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expos paper 1 - Constantine Simantiras 101 LG R.D#1 Due...

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