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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Middle East Technical University Department of Aerospace Engineering AE172: Introduction to Aircraft Performance - Spring 2011 Instructor: Asst. Prof. Dr. A. Türker Kutay, Office: AE 208, (312) 210-4268, [email protected] Assistant: To be determined Section Schedules: Time MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 8:40-9:30 9:40-10:30 10:40-11:30 AE-Aud (1) 11:40-12:30 AE-Aud (1) 12:40-13:30 13:40-14:30 14.:40-15:30 AE-Aud (1) 15:40-16:30 AE-Aud (2) AE-Aud (2) 16:40-17:30 AE-Aud (2) Course Objective: To familiarize students with basic elements of aircraft and aircraft performance. Computer Usage: It is important that the entire class keeps in touch not just during lectures, but anytime whenever there is something to be shared. The METU-Online system at will be the main communication channel for the course. Important announcements and Homework assignments will be posted there. You need to be checking your e-mails at least once a day to stay up to date with the course. Some homework assignments will require you to use a mathematical software package. There are several such packages you can use,
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AE172Spring2011SyllabusKutay -...

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