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2010-04-15_090000_dell_reprots - would have gone down...

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Dell Inc. PERIOD ENDING 29-Jan-10 30-Jan-09 1-Feb-08 Net profit margin 15.47% 22.61% 25.25% debt total assets 56.34% 56.07% 67.22% total debt to equity 3.36 times 3.48 times 4.96 times Treeasury stock 27904000 27,904,000 25,037,000 Net Sales 9261000 10957000 11671000 Interest expenses 0 93000 45000 Above are the some financial analysis of Dell Company for the last three years.  The  company sales has been declining since February 2008.  The overall decline from  February 2008 to Jan 2010 is of around 21%, which has badly affected the net profit  margin of the company which has gone down from 25.25% to 15.47%.  The company  has not paid any interest in the year ending January 2010, otherwise the profit margin 
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Unformatted text preview: would have gone down further. The company is heavily relying on the debt which is evident from its debt to total assets ratio, which has never gone down below 50%, however company has been trying to narrow this gap and which has been reduced from 67.22% to 56.34%. The relationship of debt to equity ratio is also on higher side. On February 2008 it was around 5 times of equity but the company could manage to bring it down to 3.36 times. The investment of company in treasury stock shows the confidence of company in its earnings, but it actually the company could not increase its profitability....
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