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1 English 1112: Technical Report Writing Workshop 2: January 19, 2011 Activity 1: Sentence editing Correct the errors in the following sentences (or choose the correct word from the options given): 1) “The meeting achieved its objective. Even though three members were absent” (Blicq and Moretto 289). 2) Neither a seismic hazard map nor a seismic hazard code is in itself/are in themselves sufficient to prevent the devastation caused by an earthquake. 3) The editor, as well as the reviewers, believes/believe that this article should be accepted for publication (AMA 92). 4) The staff were allowed to leave at 3 p.m. Because the air conditioning had failed (Blicq and Moretto 289). 5) The advantages of prescribing this medicine, especially when the patient has a history of allergy to it, escapes/escape me. 6) A key requirement for a successful healthcare practice is/are good communication skills. 7) Almost everybody in Haiti is/are affected by the earthquake. 8) Some experts believe that depression is over diagnosed in Canada. While others believe it is under diagnosed.
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2 9) Natural killer cells are a component of the immune system. 10) There are treatments that extent the life expectancy of HIV patients. For example, HAART. 11) Food is a fundamental aspect of human life. We cannot live without food. We need food to survive and to feel pleasure. In North America fast food has caused the problem of obesity. Activity 2: Process description: the human slingshot You will watch a brief video depicting the human slingshot in class. Edit and/or complete the following step- by-step description of the human slingshot to ensure that it is as accurate and complete as possible. 1.
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Jan_19_handout0 - 1 English 1112 Technical Report Writing...

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