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Lina Phomvongsa March 17, 2011 LB 330, Section 001 Essay 2, Prompt 1 Freeman Dyson takes the 2010 edition of The Best American Science and Nature Writing series further when his selected pieces are not only arranged into an eloquent manner but composed into significant topics of this time. Many of the articles overlap topics and feed off one another, conveying an even stronger message. Part III contains many articles on the naturalistic beauty of the world. Dyson specifically choose the pieces before you based on the profound content and style. Two items from this section that exemplified substance and style were Ridley’s Modern Darwins and Flannery’s The Superior Civilization . Modern Darwins has an extensive style that communicates to both a scientific and non- scientific audience. The interplay of complex scientific concepts and jargon allowed for a broader range of readers. Because of this, Ridley was able to effectively convey the colossal impact Watson and Crick had on modern science. To any person without a science background, the concept of genetics and DNA may be as difficult as understanding a foreign language. He carefully uses metaphors such as, “… a text written in a language common to all life.” In essence, describing the four letter code of DNA as a scripture of organisms, almost as a Bible. Thus, giving the reader a certain imagery of how DNA is the basis of life itself. (Ridley, 114) As Ridley goes into more detail about how genes work and what they entail, he puts forth effort to make the reading easy to understand. For example, “… when the gene for a protein called BMP4 is activated (scientists use the word “expressed”) in the growing jaw of a finch embryo, it makes the beak deeper and wider.” (Ridley, 116) The introduction of the usage of the word
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“expressed” in genetics pulls the foreigners into the scientific world. As if by learning from this
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Essay 2 - Lina Phomvongsa March 17, 2011 LB 330, Section...

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