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Which type of power do you find most effective? I find that reward power is the best and most effective. Which type of power do you think you have? Do you use it? If so, in what situations? I have these powers: legitimate power, expert power, reward power, referent power and coercive power. I usually use the legitimate power, expert power, reward power and referent power. I use legitimate power when I at the university, and expert power when I help my friends in computer problems because I’m good at it, and reward power if I became a teacher to
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Unformatted text preview: my brothers and sisters or to younger generation, and lastly referent power when I am at home or with my community. How could you improve your leadership and management skills now that you have a better understanding of the types of power and how they are applied? I could use all four alternative powers, one by one, when someone I ordered didnt obey to what I have said because now I know all powers that I can use, but I will put the coercive power as a last resort....
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