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1. What you have learned about yourself and what motivates you at work. What I have learned about my self is that I care about the security and the convenience, then I prefer to have convenience and then the last one is prestige which is the least thing I care about. The most that I really care about is the convenience of work and it really what most motivate me to work, my ideal work environment is work near home but I can’t work at home because at home the environment is for playing and resting which is not ideal for serious mood, I like to have flexibility in work whether in location, schedule or work tasks, for example an emergency situation came and work still allow me to go outside the country. 2. What types of benefits you would offer your employees if you were an employer seeking to maximize your employee productivity and job satisfaction. Explain your answer.
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Unformatted text preview: The benefits that I would offer my employees as an employer is give as many benefits as possible if the goals of the week or the month is completed, for example having a party or going on a trip or vacation If the goal of the day is completed I could consider having a big lunch together or giving the rest of the day off. For special occasions like an employee have born a baby or gotten married I would like to give him a vacation for about 2 week or 1 month maximum. For facilities at the work place I would put a nice cafeteria in which only nutritious food is served at a discounted price only for the employees. For each moth I would give for each department a gift to the best employee for who improve and did the best of the month called the best of the department and for the best employee there will be a bigger prize....
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