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Nats Exam 4 Study Guide Eighty Proof Liquor Contains: 40% Alcohol Sodium is associated with chronic disease and therefore is not an essential necessary for human health: False Which mineral helps the antioxidant content of vitamin E: Selenium Steve drinks 3 beers, each contains 12 grams of alcohol. How many kilocalories from alcohol does Bob consume: 252kcal Which is the most abundant mineral in the human body: calcium Chromium assists in: glucose intake The degree to which the body can absorb and use any given nutrient is called: bioavailability The body produces water as a byproduct which contributes to the “water in” vs. the “water out” in the water balance equation: True Which is a diuretic: alcohol ______ is a fatal condition characterized by the bodies’ failure to regulate heat:
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Unformatted text preview: Heatstroke Both excessive and insufficient intake of zinc can impair immune function: True Which of the following is true: water freely moves across cell membranes A diet rich in potassium has been shown to help maintain a healthy blood pressure: Tru Moderate alcohol consumption has been linked with a reduced risk of: cardio disease The MPF factor is: a spec. factor found in meat, fish and poultry that enchances iron absorption Which organ Is primarily responsible for fluid balance: kidneys The ability of the muscle to contract is dependent on the flow of _____ in an out of the muscle cell: calcium What is the primary reason we sweat; regulate body temperature This mineral found is tea strengthens bone and teeth: fluoride....
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