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Exam 1 Study Guide for CPH178 Spring 2011, Chapter 1-4 *Exams for this class are multiple choice, and conducted on D2L during class time. YOU MUST BE PRESENT IN CLASS TO TAKE THE EXAM OR YOU WILL BE GIVEN A ZERO. PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOP OR PLAN TO TAKE THE EXAM IN THE COMPUTER LAB WITH ONE OF THE TA’S. *Pay special attention to wording of questions on the test. Some questions are “all of the following EXCEPT” style, and others are “which of the following is NOT” style. You can avoid getting needless points docked if you pay close attention to the wording. *All information contained in lectures and in assigned chapters is FAIR GAME for the test. That being said, here are SOME things you may want to focus on: Definition of obsession and compulsion Where/how to seek mental health services Symptoms and definition of PTSD Symptoms and definition of depression
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Unformatted text preview: • How depression is treated • Brain chemicals associated with depression • Risk factors for suicide • Characteristics of suicide • Signs that someone is contemplating suicide • Mental disorders by gender • Strategies for successful behavior change • “Stages of change” model • Personality characteristics • The Big 5 • Definition and components of wellness • Leading causes of death in the US overall and by gender • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs • Fight or flight response- how it works, what triggers it, chemicals involved, etc. • Definition of eustress and distress • Relaxation techniques/methods of coping with stress • Physical responses to stress, including specific nervous system responses • Gender vs. sex • Characteristics of relationships (jealousy, divorce, friendships)...
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