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Exam I Version 1 Key

Exam I Version 1 Key - Biology 181R Sections 5 6H Brian...

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Biology 181R Sections 5, 6H Brian Larkins and Ramin Yadegari Hour Exam #1 September 18, 2009 (Version 1 Key) LAST NAME: _____________________ FIRST NAME:__________________________ UA NET ID#: ___________________ Instructions: Before starting this exam, read the Instructions! Fill in your name and NetID on both the exam booklet and the bubble sheet. Circle your answer on the exam copy AND use a #2 pencil to mark the corresponding answer on the bubble sheet. If you must change an answer, be certain that your first choice is erased completely. The bubble sheet is your “official” answer sheet! Read each question carefully and choose THE BEST answer. If you are unclear regarding what the question is asking, raise your hand and ask for clarification. When you have finished the exam, turn in both the bubble sheet and the exam book to the instructor at the front of the room. There are multiple versions of this exam. DO NOT LET YOUR EYES WANDER FROM YOUR EXAM! If you violate the code of academic intergrity, you will be subject to sanctions such as loss of credit for this exam and possibly being assigned a failing grade for the course. 1. Which of the following statements most accurately describes a scientific theory? a. A scientific theory is a proven fact. b. A scientific theory is an untested, theoretical idea. *c. A scientific theory is based on a hypothesis that could not be disproved. d. A scientific theory cannot be disproved. e. A scientific theory is a fact accepted by all scientists. 2. Intelligent Design and Scientific Creationism should not be considered credible scientific theories that explain the origin of life on earth, because _______________________. a. their conclusions cannot be falsified b. their conclusions are not tentative, i.e. they are the final word c. they cannot be empirically tested by an experiment d. they cannot be explained by reference to natural laws of physics and chemistry *e. All of the above are correct. 3. Based on the fossil record, the first living organisms to inhabit the earth were ________. a. fungi b. single celled eukaryotes *c. prokaryotes d. mammals e. plants
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4. Populations of organisms change over the course of many generations. The changes that result in increased survival and reproduction lead to _________________. a. homeostasis *b. evolution c. development d. metabolism e. genetics 5. What is the purpose of using a control in scientific experiments? a. A control allows the researcher to practice the experiment first before actually conducting it. *b. A researcher can compare the results in the experimental group and control group to determine if a single variable is causing a particular outcome in the experimental group. c. A control provides the framework for the entire experiment, so the researcher can
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Exam I Version 1 Key - Biology 181R Sections 5 6H Brian...

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