FLOOD QUESTIONS - FLOOD Yaanu Jeyakumar Chapter 13 2 Why...

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FLOOD- Yaanu Jeyakumar Chapter 13 2.) Why did Vinny soothe Andy? Vinny soothed Andy because he was terrified by the violent sounds that rung in the atmosphere around him. As stated in the text, Andy hears a woman screaming and the slam of the door. He also heard a shouting and swearing man with violent door pounding that accompanied the harsh atmosphere. The only thing that presented Andy with a form of security during this was the barrier of the door, and his father’s reassurance. Andy’s state was also quite unstable, as he was new to such a living environment, with crimes constantly occurring. Knowing this, Vinny figured that the only thing he could do to aid Andy, was to be somewhat of a comfort, and so he sang a pleasant lullaby that drove Andy to sleep. 3.) Most kids would think Andy was crazy to want to enroll in school. But he is determined to go by himself when Vinny fails to do anything about it. Why does Andy want to go to school? Andy is determined to go to school, because he feels that he is strangely isolated from the everyday activities and social life you’d expect children, Andy’s age, to be involved in. Andy suddenly has the strong urge to take initiative and do simple tasks, if his father wasn’t willing to do so. Andy has clearly been propelled apart from his friends, and it seems to be many ages since Andy had the opportunity to compete in a simple soccer scrimmage with a few companions by his side to titter, gag, and have fun with. As stated in the text, “The feeling of dreary idleness and loneliness,” was finally capturing the good in Andy. After day of consideration and thoughts, Andy decided that enrolling in school was the best idea. 4.) What was the attraction to this particular dog in the pound? Andy was attracted to this particular dog in the pound, because as described in the text, this dog was,” a smaller, lively one who jumped at the bars, barking with excitement.” Andy had a few options to choose from, and the two other dogs were large and miserable. Andy can surprisingly be compared to the juvenile dog. It was vibrant and bursting with happiness at the sight of one who seemed to like it. Andy similarly, is a juvenile lad, who can be described as very eager and joyful. However, he feels isolated at the same time; he has no room to live life the way he dreams to, but yet, continues to dream. This comes to show that both the dog and Andy portray endless excitement, and when the time comes, will reach out for
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FLOOD QUESTIONS - FLOOD Yaanu Jeyakumar Chapter 13 2 Why...

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