G312x24 - a=double(solve(v a = 12.03 t=[0:0.1:12.5 v1=eval(vectorize(v plot(t,v1%Part b x(1)=0 x = echo off

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Sheet1 Page 1 % %Gilat 312/24 %Part a syms t v=dsolve('Dv=-0.0035*v^2-3','v(0)=300*(1000/3600)') v = -20/7*105^(1/2)*tan(1/2100*(21*t-20*105^(1/2)*atan(5/18*105^(1/2)))*105^(1/2))
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Unformatted text preview: a=double(solve(v)) a = 12.03 t=[0:0.1:12.5] v1=eval(vectorize(v)) plot(t,v1) %Part b x(1)=0 x = echo off...
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