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ENGLISH Lighting the Way

ENGLISH Lighting the Way - William Pittman Mr Jacob Brown...

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William Pittman Mr. Jacob Brown English Rhetoric and Composition 8 February 2008 Lighting the Way Throughout the course of human events, evolution and constant change has remained a part of the sociological structure that forms our beliefs, values, and the perception of our reality. As the sociological revolution takes place, our way of life changes; some values become dropped as unimportant while some are adopted by the people as pressing matters. Advertisement moguls, of course, see this and appeal the current trend. The Phillips Light Company recently launched a small billboard campaign portraying energy saving incandescent light bulbs using current events and appeals to the common values of a desired constituency. Although small, the advertisement is attention getting, clever, and impressionable in blatant physical aesthetics, intended message, and lasting impressions respectively. The image at hand, a small poster spread, displays a good juxtaposition between its clean presentation and the dirty, cosmetically undesirable backdrop; creating a prominent foreground, focusing a pedestrian’s gaze on the ad solely. Further juxtaposition is achieved with the simplistic nature (i.e. no words, adequate amount of unused space) of the advertisement when
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