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resultslab5 - resistance will decrease the amplitude of the...

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Results: *Plot and answers to questions attached NOMINAL MEASURE D % ERROR POT 250 Ω 252 Ω 0.80% C 10 µf 9.55 µF 4.50% MEASURE D V FG V C V R 1.37 V 1.24 V 532 mV V max V rms T f Input .791 V .599 V 33.98 ms 29.43 Output 1.689 V 1.194 V 33.2 ms 30.12 Note: When we were troubleshooting out circuit and program, we set the voltage range from -2V to 2V and forgot to change it back. Conclusions: In this lab we learned: When observing voltages of an AC source, resistor and capacitor in series, an increase in
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Unformatted text preview: resistance will decrease the amplitude of the resistor and capacitor voltages. • In this circuit, starting at time = 0, the capacitor voltage peaks before the source voltage. • KVL does not hold for circuits with alternating currents and different phase angles...
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