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Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to gain experience in the process of random sampling. Sets of data are obtained by collecting lab mate chosen random number values, taking random samples from a deck cards, and measuring heart rate under different conditions. The data collected by each group are shared with others in the laboratory to obtain an aggregate set. Procedure: Samples of random data were first acquired by asking 12 or more lab members to choose a value from 1 to 3 and record the results. A second source of data was obtained by selecting 5 random cards from a deck of cards, shuffling, and repeating the process 10 times. Each sample set of data
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Unformatted text preview: recorded and sample mean calculated. We then shared our data with 4 other groups in the lab giving a final value of 250 samples and 50 sample means. Our third set of data was compiled by measuring resting, active, and recovery heart rates. Resting heart rate was measured at the beginning of the lab. Active heart rate was measured after engaging in physical activity for 5 minutes. Recovery heart rates were measured 5 minutes after the completion of the activity. Data was then shared with 10 lab-mates along with ou8r chosen “distinguishing characteristics” of gender and gpa. Conclusion:...
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