POLY SCI chapter 1 summary

POLY SCI chapter 1 summary - since 1950 Such factors as the...

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Chapter 1 Summary Texas has been a Spanish colony, partially under French control; a Mexican state; an  independent republic; a state in the United States; and a Confederate state. The state  was settled by Mexicans, Anglos, and Germans in its early days. Texas had both  densely populated urban areas and expansive plains. For the last thirty years Texas has  experienced a migration of people from other states, due partly to its strategic location in  the Sunbelt and its proximity to Mexico. Minority groups play a significant role in Texas  politics today. Higher birth rates for minorities and migration to urban areas, coupled  with white migration to suburban areas, contributed to the concentration of minority  groups in major cities of the state. The largest growing segment of the population is the  Mexican Americans. The African American population has remained at about 12 percent 
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Unformatted text preview: since 1950. Such factors as the changing makeup of the current population and the ethnic mix of the population in the state contribute to the "political culture" of the state. The predominate Texas political culture can be described as a mix between individualistic and traditionalist subculture. Patterns of political culture are slow to change and persist for long periods of time. For example, in the 1940's and 50's the Democratic governors opposed expanding of civil rights, supported limits on the role of the federal government in state affairs, opposed federal control over natural resources, and insisted on no new taxes. The economy of Texas has changed greatly in the past 20-30 years. Texas is no longer a rural state with an economy dominated by cattle, cotton, and oil, although these are still important elements in the economy....
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POLY SCI chapter 1 summary - since 1950 Such factors as the...

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