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Final Project Prospectus

Final Project Prospectus - L aMendola 2 Lara Lee LaMendola...

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LaMendola 2 Lara Lee LaMendola English 203.530 Amy Montz 8 April 2008 The Importance of Interaction between Educator and Child “While I'm at it, if it pleases the court, I can also' Hackworth said, most obsequiously, 'make changes in the content so that it will be more suitable for the unique cultural requirements of the Han readership. But it will take some time.” In so doing, Hackworth foreshadowed the outcome of the differences between the young girls that obtained an original primer and those that are taught with an altered copy. The three young girls, Elizabeth, Fiona, and Nell who learn through the use of the first three original primers differ from the thousands of young Han girls who are taught with copies of the primer. The key difference between the Neo-Victorian girls and the Chinese Han girls is that the Neo-Victorain girls, along with the primer, have human contact and interaction while the Hans do not. The Neo-Victorain girls seem to have a “parental” guidance along with the primer, leading to them maturing into independent individuals.
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