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1011_hw6 - 2010 ECEE421 HW6 6.26 6.61 Design a discrete CS...

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Unformatted text preview: 2010 ECEE421 HW6 6.26 6.61 Design a discrete CS amplifier using 0.5um CMOS technology parameters (Table 6.3). The aim is to have an overall voltage gain of 5 to 10 and the design should be complete including all resistor and capacitor values. This amplifier drives a load resistance of 10K Ohms and the input signal source has a resistance of 10K Ohms. (Refer to CH.4 if necessary. The discrete CS amplifier circuit was discussed in class.) Design a CS amplifier using IC design philosophy, ie using current mirror for biasing and an active load. (Fig.6.18a) You are to use the 0.18u CMOS technology parameters. Use 100uA of reference current for the reference transistor of the current mirror and 200uA for the Wp and Wn transistor (Q2 and Q1 in Fig. 6.18a). Calculate reference resistors, transistor widths and resulting voltage gain. The minimum device width should be more than the technology allows, and assume it is 0.5u in this case. Your design should aim for a voltage gain of 30. ...
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