2500test2 - BIOL 2500 Botany Test #2 Multiple Choice (2...

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BIOL 2500 Botany Name: Test #2 Multiple Choice (2 pts. Ea.) 1. Which of the following statements about Chlamydomonas is false ? a. The diploid stage is the dominant stage in its life cycle. b. It undergoes zygotic meiosis. c. It has no cellulose in its cell wall. d. Its chloroplast contains a pyrenoid. 2. Which of the following characteristics are not shared by Chlorophyta , Bryophyta , and vascular plants? a. chl. a, b, and carotenoids b. some Chlorophytes have cellulose, pectic substances, and hemicellulose in their cell walls c. store starch inside chlorotids d. all of the above 3. Which of the following is a flagellated cell in bryophytes? a. zoospore b. egg c. sperm d. zygote 4. In Bryophytes, the ________, located on the ______ gametophyte, contains the egg. a. antheridia, female b. antheridia, male c. archegonia, female d. archegonia, male 5. Which of the following bryophyte structures is haploid? a. protonema b. capsule c. sporophyte d. sporogenous tissue
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6. The “true mosses” belong to the phylum _________, class _________. a. Bryophyta, Sphagnidae b. Bryophyta, Bryidae c. Hepatophyta, Sphagnidae d. Hepatophyta, Bryidae 7. What is the function of hydroids? a. anchoring the gametophyte b. photosynthesis c. conducting food d. conducting water 8. Which of the following is not a characteristic shared by bryophytes and vascular plants? a.
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2500test2 - BIOL 2500 Botany Test #2 Multiple Choice (2...

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