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BIOL 2500 Botany Name: Test #3 Multiple Choice (2 pts. Ea.) 1. Which of the following was not an evolutionary adaptation of angiosperms in response to insects? a. closed carpels b. bisexual flowers c. unisexual flowers d. flowers with special features that ensure certain pollinators will visit 2. The most important flower-visiting animals in angiosperm evolution are a. birds. b. bees. c. butterflies. d. bats. 3. The primary meristems are the a. ground tissues, vascular tissues, and epidermis. b. procambium and epidermis. c. procambium, protoderm, and ground meristem. d. protoderm, xylem, and phloem. 4. The __________ is/are metabolically active and supports early development of angiosperm embryos. a. cotyledons b. globular stage c. suspensor d. micropyle 5. The ________ is usually the first structure to emerge from a germinating seed. a. cotyledon b. epticotyl c. coleoptile d. radicle
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6. Which of the following statements about the primary growth is false ? a. It results in extension of the plant body. b. It results in the thickening of the stem and root. c. It involves the formation of primary tissues. d.
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2500test3 - BIOL 2500 Botany Test #3 Multiple Choice (2...

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