Botany Test - BIOL 2500 Botany Test#1 Multiple Choice(2...

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BIOL 2500 Botany Name: Test #1 Multiple Choice (2 pts. Ea.) 1. Which of the following statements about photosynthetic autotrophs is false ? a. They channel radiant energy into the biosphere. b. They have a complex pigment system. c. They obtain their required organic compounds from external sources. d. An example of an autotroph is a plant. 2. In the Miller-Urey experiment, gases were circulated continuously between a lower “ocean,” which was heated, and an upper “atmosphere,” through which an electric discharge was transmitted. Amino acids formed during this experiment. Which gases were used in this experiment? a. carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, methane, ammonia b. hydrogen, isoprene, ammonia, carbon dioxide c. methane and nitrogen d. hydrogen, water vapor, methane, and ammonia 3. You are involved in an excavation and much to your joy, find a layer of stromatolites at the bottom of a stratified rock bed. Above the layers of stromatolites are fossilized organisms that resemble members of Phylum Porifera (sponges). You notice that no uplifting or folding has occurred in the rock bed. Based on your findings you conclude that a. the stromatolites were formed recently, within the last 100,000 years. b. the stromatolites were an ancient form of proteinoid microspheres. c. the stromatolites were formed at least one billion years ago. d. Phylum Porifera arrrived in this area before the stromatolites. 4.
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Botany Test - BIOL 2500 Botany Test#1 Multiple Choice(2...

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