expos paper 2 - 1 Constantine Simantiras 101 LG F.D#2 Due...

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1 Constantine Simantiras 101: LG F .D. #2 Due Thursday, February 21 To Know the Feeling Imagine that someone is telling a story . The story is so outrageous that there is no way it could have occurred in anyone’s lifetime . While the story may be completely unbelievable to some, it can also be equally truthful to others hearing or reading it . In the writings “How to tell a True War Story” by Tim O’Brien and “Selections From Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, there were many stories told that could be interpreted differently depending upon the reader’s experiences, culture, or principles . In each of the stories that were told within the writings, the characters were subjected to very different yet somewhat related situations . O’Brien’s account of the men who fought in the Vietnam War as well as the story of Chris McCandless demonstrated that these men all risked their lives in search of something more than just adventure . The author’s personal experiences helped to tell these adventures in a way that many could not do . Since the stories were essentially extensions of the author’s life experiences, others who would write or read similar passages simply could not relate to them . Until such time as others would share the same experiences as those of O’Brien and Krakauer, they would not share the same feeling as the authors’ . Every day, people say and do things that make no sense to others . Yet, after careful analysis of the action and its source, the words and things that do not make sense could possibly have a deeper meaning .
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2 To an outsider, there are times where the only way to completely experience and understand something is to personally fulfill that experience . In doing so, the feelings associated with the experience are made real to the recipient . Although reading a story or a book about an adventure can bring a person great pleasure or provoke other emotions, the reader cannot completely experience the same emotions held by the writer . In the writing by Krakauer, the author says, “A year and a week after Chris McCandless decided not to attempt to cross the Teklanika River, I stand on the opposite bank—the eastern side, the highway side—and gaze into the churning water . I, too, hope to cross the river, I want to visit the bu . I want to see where
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expos paper 2 - 1 Constantine Simantiras 101 LG F.D#2 Due...

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