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CIS 310 Syllabus Winter 2011

CIS 310 Syllabus Winter 2011 - CIS 310 Syllabus Management...

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CIS 310 Syllabus Management Information Systems Winter 2011 Instructor: Dan Manson: E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (909) 869-3244 Office: CLA C4-17 Office Hours: Monday 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday 10 a.m. – 12 Noon., Thursday 10 a.m. – 12 Noon Description Management and development of information systems in modern businesses from the customer and MIS perspectives. Information as a strategic asset. Acquisition, analysis, integration, presentation of internal and external information. Information management in international and multinational enterprises. Ethical, social impacts. 4 lectures/problem solving. Prerequisites: ACC 207; MHR 301 and Microcomputer proficiency or CIS 101. Learning Objectives This course focuses on the management and uses of information and information technologies within and between business organizations. The course content helps students understand how information technologies and internal and external information are central to the types of work they will perform in organizations of all kinds. It shows how different types of organizations and in different areas within organizations to accomplish organizational goals and provide strategic advantage use information. The course emphasizes the knowledge that individuals across organizations (e.g., in accounting, finance, human resources, operations management, information systems) need in order to manage information. It also covers ethical, social, and security issues involved in the implementation and use of information systems in modern organizations. Special aspects of information systems in multinational and global organizations are examined. Expected outcomes: · Students will learn to collect and analyze strategic information, analyze them with software tools, and present the results in clear, effective and meaningful ways. · Students will learn the language and terminology of information systems technologies used in contemporary business. · Students will learn how information is used in different business domains, including distributed, networked, multi-national and multi-cultural environments. · Students will become aware of social/ethical impacts of information technologies and be able to define appropriate uses within cultural and ethical norms. 1
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Required Materials The required textbooks for the course is: Information Systems Today: Managing the Digital World Fourth Edition, by Joseph Valacich and Christopher Schneider, 2010, Prentice Hall. · Regular edition: ISBN 978-0-558-47027-2 · Student Value edition: ISBN 0558470270 Cal Poly Policies on Honesty and Plagiarism Academic dishonesty, as defined by Cal Poly Pomona University, may lead to receiving a failing grade for the course and being referred to the Director of Judicial Affairs for University disciplinary action. Students should carefully review the University's Academic Integrity policy listed below (source: CPP Catalog 2007-2009, pp. 54-55). Cal Poly Pomona's Academic Integrity Policy
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CIS 310 Syllabus Winter 2011 - CIS 310 Syllabus Management...

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