Chapter 5 solutions

Chapter 5 solutions
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 3 Making choices and exercising judgment Compare and contrast Smartdraw, Microsoft Visio and one other flowcharting program (if you completed reflection and self-assessment 5.2, you could use one of the programs you identified there). Prepare a paper and / or PowerPoint presentation that includes a recommendation regarding your preferred flowcharting software; justify your recommendation. Smartdraw is inexpensive and easy to use; it is very intuitive and can be mastered fairly quickly. Additionally, users can take advantage of a free trial for a limited period before purchasing the software. Visio is a Microsoft product, often included in the Microsoft Office Suite. While more expensive and more complex than Smartdraw, it does interface more easily with other components of the suite. also lists FlowBreeze, published by BreezeTree software. According to the web site, users can create flowcharts simply by typing text. Flowcharts can be customized after text entry as well. The software seems intuitive, and also offers a free download. It is also less expensive than Visio. Overall, among those three packages, my personal preference is Smartdraw, primarily for its ease of use and intuitive nature....
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