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Acc 304: Introduction to AIS Dr. Bob Hurt, C.F.E. ALEKS instructions You’ll be spending the first part of the course completing a series of activities to help you master the accounting cycle using ALEKS. The purpose of this handout is to explain the assignment and activities in greater detail. Please complete the following steps for this assignment: 1. Register for ALEKS by following the steps in the “ALEKS Student Registration Guide” in Blackboard. 2. Complete the pre-test in ALEKS. You must complete the pre-test before moving on in ALEKS. The function of the pre-test is to assess what you know already, so that ALEKS can provide additional activities in areas where you may need improvement. 3. Complete the activities in ALEKS, ensuring that you adhere to the following time table as closely as possible: Chapter Completed by Basic Terminology Jan 10, 2011 Basic Transactions and Financial Statements Jan 13, 2011 Journal Entries Jan 17, 2011 Adjusting Entries Jan 20, 2011 Closing Process and Financial Statements
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