expos paper 3 - Constantine Simantiras 101 LG FD#3 Due...

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Unformatted text preview: Constantine Simantiras 101: LG FD #3 Due Thursday, March 6 Finding Out for Yourself God is a word that strikes many thoughts in a single conversation . It is a strong topic that has well more than two sides . The word God is more than just a word . God is a belief, a feeling, a icon, or even a person . In the stories “How to Tell a True War Story” by Tim O’Brien, “Selections from Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer and “Does God Have a Future?” by Karen Armstrong, each have a strong hold on what the word God means an does for the characters . It is not just an Extreme belief in god that explains the behavior of an individual, it is an even mix of belief and the drive to understand ones role that creates the perfect combination . To find ones true self, there are many different experiences that could be taken . Some find God within themselves by using others as their source while some take it into their own hands by being alone to find their own beliefs . Both McCandless from “Selections from Into the Wild” and O’Brien from “How to Tell a True War Story” take very different but ultimately similar spiritual journeys to find a deeper meaning of not only God but to explain their own behaviors . Armstrong describes Martin Buber’s vision of Judaism as, “A spiritual process and a striving for elemental unity… God never tells us what he is asking of us . We experience him simply as a presence and an imperative and have to work out the meaning for ourselves” (64) . Armstrong illustrates here how the perception of God to some is an all powerful being, but God is truly just a feeling that allows people to further find their true self . O’Brien says, “And I remember sitting at my foxhole that night, watching the shadows of Quang Ngai, thinking about the coming day and how we would cross the river and march west into the mountains, all the way I might die, all the things I did not understand”(392) . As O’Brien begins his venture he...
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expos paper 3 - Constantine Simantiras 101 LG FD#3 Due...

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