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10 K E Y S T O E F F E C T I V E L I S T E N I N G These keys are a positive guideline to better listening. In fact, they are at the heart of developing better listening habits that could last a lifetime. Put this list on your fridge or some seen place and practice one skill each day for a week before adding another to your listening skills repertoire. 10 Keys Bad Listeners Good Listeners 1. Find areas of Tune out dry subjects Opportunize: ask, “What’s in it for interest me?” 2. Judge content, Tune out if delivery is poor Judge content, skip over delivery not delivery errors 3. Hold your fire! Tend to enter into argu- Don’t judge until comprehension is ments complete. 4. Listen for ideas Listen just for facts Listen for central themes 5. Be flexible Take intensive notes using Take fewer notes, use 4-5 different
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Unformatted text preview: only one system systems depending on speaker 6. Work on listen-Show no energy output, Work hard, exhibit active body ing fakes attention state 7. Resist distrac-Are easily distracted Fight to avoid distractions, tolerate tions bad habits, know how to concen-trate 8. Exercise your Resist difficult expository Use heavier material as an exercise mind material, seek light and for the mind recreational material 9. Keep your mind React to emotional words Interpret colored words, dont get open hung up on them 10. Capitalize on Tend to daydream with Challenge, anticipate, mentally fact that thought slow speakers summarize, weigh the evidence, is faster than listen between the lines to tone of speech voice...
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