history lecture 21 - Bonaparte and the Demise of the...

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Bonaparte and the Demise of the Balance of Power - Fall of 1799 the French Republic was in deep international difficulty. - A military strongman was needed, but was not needed as a long- term ruler. Moreau seemed to qualify for the position, but was more of a soldier’s soldier than a politician’s soldier. - Napoleon arrived back in France after abandoning his army in Egypt, then surrendered to the British. He escaped in a small vessel that the British couldn’t grasp. - To the French people, Napoleon was the only French General never beaten in the battlefield. - Moreau recognized the cache that Napoleon carried. He was the champion of the French’s fortunes in Egypt. Moreau suggested Napoleon, and said that he was a better fit than Moreau was. - Fall 1799 the “18 th Brumaire” (foggy month of the French revolutionary calendar) 9 Nov 1799. Napoleon imposed short-term emergency rule. - Napoleon outwitted the French directory, his opponents and his allies, and he managed to seize the reins of his own state. He became the embodiment of the French revolutionary power. “I am the revolution.” - Sept 1799, the French armies went on the offensive. They defeated an Anglo- Russian force in the low countries, and they isolated Suvorov’s army as they retreated out of Switzerland. -
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history lecture 21 - Bonaparte and the Demise of the...

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