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Experiment 6 Discussion Copper Cycle

Experiment 6 Discussion Copper Cycle - 6 Why is acetone...

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Experiment 3: The Reactions of a Copper Cycle Each question has a 5 point value for a total of 50 points. 1. What was the objective of this experiment? 2. Describe each reaction that occurred in the reaction cycle. What were some of the obvious physical and chemical changes that occurred? 3. Were the reactions exothermic or endothermic? How do you know? 4. What is a gas trap and why was it necessary to use it in this experiment? 5. In the final reaction you wash your recovered copper with water, what are you removing?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Why is acetone used to wash your recovered copper? 7. Why did you use a steam bath instead of the heating mantel to dry your recovered copper? 8. What is the Law of the Conservation of Mass and did your results support the law? 9. What are the likely sources of error? 10. What does your product look like? What might have caused the change of appearance?...
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