lecture 1-23 - The Wars of the Italian Unification...

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The Wars of the Italian Unification Nationalism is becoming a much more popular movement at this time. Napoleon III realized that the international system had to make its peace, and satisfy the demands of the Italian and German political demands. He also hoped and believed that France could benefit with some moderate success from Italian and German nationalism. He hoped that France could re-emerge as the dominant power of Europe. He hoped that their gratitude towards France would help consolidate France’s recovery. He wanted to ‘ride the tiger’ of central European nationalism. In 1870, Napoleon would suffer a massive defeat by Germany on the march. The demands of the Italian patriots towards the demands of unification, combined with territorial demands around Piedmont-Sardinia (a rising military power in NW Italy) along with Cavour (former military engineer, and a very astute statesman) gave Italy the opportunity to become unified. Napoleon III’s aspirations for exploiting European nationalism, and Cavour’s aspirations to expand Piedmont relied on diplomatic difficulties in Austria. The Austrians hadn’t fired a shot in the war but had managed to antagonize Russia. In Northern Italy, Austria occupied Lombardy in the center and Venice in the
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lecture 1-23 - The Wars of the Italian Unification...

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