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LEC11 - ELEC2103 Lec 11 Revision 2 LCR and LTI Exam t=0 LCR...

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Unformatted text preview: ELEC2103 - Lec 11 Revision 2: LCR and LTI Exam t=0 LCR circuit with switch C L R Vo Vi • Series LCR circuit with a switch • Can analyse with differential equation • Calculate transient and steady-state response of Vo 1 LCR circuit with general input Vi C L R Vo • Same series LCR circuit without switch • If Vi is a sine wave, can use complex frequency analysis to find the steady state Vo (as a function of frequency) • Can use Laplace Transform to find the steady state and transient Vo for any input LCR circuit as LTI system Vi C L R Vo • Describe as LTI system say with Laplace Transform transfer function • Use Bode() to find frequency and phase response • Use Step() to find step response 2 Complex frequency •usual jωL , 1/(jωC) impedances Complex frequency examples Reduce R to 0.1Ω, less damping, sharper peak 3 Laplace Transform – step response Laplace Transform examples 1 •Increase R to 3Ω overdamped 4 Laplace Transform – sine response Laplace Transform examples 2 Transform Decrease R to 0.01Ω highly underdamped, drive is at forced resonant frequency 5 LTI Example LTI example 1 6 LTI example 2 LTI Remember to check the web site Remember •assignment results •midsemester results •lab results •Remember to bring a dark pencil and eraser to the exam 7 ...
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