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About the Supplemental Text Material I have prepared supplemental text material for each chapter of the 6 th edition of Design and Analysis of Experiments . This material consists of (1) some extensions of and elaboration on topics introduced in the text and (2) some new topics that I could not easily find a “home” for in the text without disrupting the flow of the coverage within each chapter, or making the book ridiculously long. Some of this material is in partial response to the many suggestions that have been made over the years by textbook users, who have always been gracious in their requests and very often extremely helpful. However, sometimes there just wasn’t any way to easily accommodate their suggestions directly in the book. Some of the supplemental material is in direct response to FAQ’s or “frequently asked questions” from students. It also reflects topics that I have found helpful in consulting on experimental design and analysis problems, but again, there wasn’t any easy way to incorporate it in the text. Obviously, there is also quite a bit of personal “bias” in my selection of topics for the supplemental material. The coverage is far from comprehensive. I have not felt as constrained about mathematical level or statistical background of the readers in the supplemental material as I have tried to be in writing the textbook. There are sections of the supplemental material that will require considerably more background in statistics than is required to read the text material. However, I think that many
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about - About the Supplemental Text Material I have...

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