history lecture - History Lecture 12- The War of Austrian...

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History Lecture 12- The War of Austrian Succession and the Diplomatic Revolution - French and British relationship demanded psychological restraint and commitment. - Great powers were inclined to not go to war and towards peace. - Outsiders (countries not in great powers): Great power candidates: How could they be accommodated? - One state was Prussia of Frederick II. He ascended to the throne on May 1740. He turned out to be a military genius, one of the greatest the world has ever seen. He would later confess that he was too aggressive in his pursuit to elevate Prussia. Late in his reign, he wrote a book for his nephew in 1769, he described the balance of power as a mere name, and that name had to be ignored if the sovereign ruler were bent on achieving great international aims. - Dec 1740: Frederick II took Silesia from Maria Theresa of the Hapsburg empire. - Most legal experts of the day say that she had no right to ascend to the throne; the succession had to come from the male line. Maria Theresa was the only heir of the Hapsburg line. All countries agreed that she had the right to become the monarch of Austria, and her husband, Francis of Tuscany, would become Holy Roman Emperor. A few months later Frederick II would seize Silesia. It caught all of Europe by surprise, and it increased Prussian territory 50% and increased Prussian population 50-100% - That attack turned Prussia into a great power overnight. Although some say he was too aggressive, he was actually very calculated and prepared. He immediately
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history lecture - History Lecture 12- The War of Austrian...

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