Evaluating Public Policy Midterm

Evaluating Public Policy Midterm - Sheldon OSteen...

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Sheldon O’Steen Evaluating Public Policy Midterm March 6, 2011 Federal Government and Program Evaluation The federal government of the United States has played an important role in program evaluation, particularly within the past century. As a democracy, citizens expect their elected officials to spend tax money on programs that are successful in their intended effects. This became particularly relevant in the 1960’s when Lyndon B. Johnson initiated a set of domestic programs called the Great Society with the intent of targeting poverty and racial injustice. After these social programs were initiated, many researchers and government agencies under the Kennedy administration began to take interest in the effectiveness of these programs and realized that the federal government should have some sort of evaluation practice. These evaluation practices remained in place to ensure that money was not being misspent until the late 1980’s when the Regan administration implemented budget cuts that would take out the evaluation component from many government programs and grants. Government agencies still acknowledged the need for program evaluation so government agencies began to organize their own internal evaluation units. Later, in the 1990’s, society began to focus on government accountability which further focused the need for program evaluation. Government officials would use program evaluations to rally support for their own
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Evaluating Public Policy Midterm - Sheldon OSteen...

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