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Test One. PMAP 4051 Spring 2011 Instructions: Type your answers in 12 point type. No more than 4 pages (one side). Staple Make sure that your name is on all pages. Cite the text and classes but DO NOT PLAGIARIZE !!!!! Please follow Ms Finch’s guidelines for citations. There are many good examples in your text. Proof your work. Do not rely just on a spell check. Write several drafts (it generally takes me 5 or 6 drafts before I like my own writing). Your writing makes a difference in the clarity of your response. Style: Write this as if it were a memo to your client Due date : the beginning of class on March 8 . Late papers will be accepted ONLY with a medical excuse from a MD. Advice: Complete your work before the due date…. Remember Murphy’s Law!!! Cars breakdown, computers crash, babies cry, mothers get sick and babysitters don’t show up. Total points possible: 12 Please respond to the following question: 1. How has the U.S. federal government played a role in fostering the evolution of
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